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As far as businesses go, LBC Express, the number one brand in courier, cargo delivery and logistics in the country, is a benchmark in the industry.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES: As far as businesses go, LBC Express, the number one brand in courier, cargo delivery and logistics in the country, is a benchmark in the industry. 

The company’s success is measured by three main metrics—how they move lives, how they move businesses, how they move communities. As a private, for-profit business, all three are met simply because LBC is a company that has pivoted itself and established the concept of “The Joy of Moving.” But its success has prompted the company to show commitment for social responsibility —leveraging on the strategic investment of their core strength, people, resources and network to really make a difference. All these are mobilized via the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility arm, the LBC Foundation. 

“As private organizations seek ways to make a significant impact for communities they move and in turn, the country, LBC focused on seeking out collaborative partnerships with both government and non-government organizations, while leveraging on our core capabilities as a business,” explains Christine Wuthrich, Executive Director of the LBC Foundation. 

The foundation’s efforts have been focused on youth & community development, education, environment and disaster relief. The goal is to spur positive change in the lives of Filipinos—an objective that is feasible primarily because of the company’s inherent values and network.
“I became part of LBC’s corporate social initiatives because of my personal desire to help others-- it has always been one of my dreams to serve others and through LBC Foundation, I was able to,” says Karen Espino, an avid and regular volunteer for the Foundation. “To quote from the Aming Ligaya anthem ‘
aming ligaya ang maghatid ng iyong saya’/ ‘aming ligaya ang maghatid mula san sa mundo’-- that’s what the LBC Foundation is doing: Delivering smiles and joy,” Karen added. 

LBC’s efforts in education included a partnership with the Department of Education for teacher training that aims to equip public school teachers with the skills and tools to improve quality of education in Bulacan and Laguna. 

The foundation has also partnered with World Vision Philippines, sponsoring 150 children from various developmental areas, to give them access to healthcare and education. As part of this vision, LBC also extends its support to the Library Renewal Partnership, who hopes to build 200 community libraries by 2020 thus promoting literacy in the nation. 

Drawing on both their internal and customer network, the LBC Foundation continues to ship books from the US to public schools around the nation for the Datu Wali Mission and regularly sends donations for Project Pearls, an initiative that seeks to bring much-needed basic necessities to various underserved areas in the country. 

Aside from their extensive work in Education, the LBC Foundation also played an active role in Disaster Relief. When typhoon Ondoy devastated the country in 2009, LBC Foundation realized that the country's circumstances were necessitating aid outside of the field of education, directing their efforts toward disaster relief. Through its vast network, the foundation was able to mobilize the collection of donations for the typhoon victims from all over the Philippines and abroad, swiftly transporting them to areas in need. The foundation was also able to provide logistical support for Red Cross, among other organizations working to provide aid at that time. 

LBC Foundation’s disaster relief operations continued after Typhoon Ondoy in Metro Manila to Typhoon Pablo and Sendong in Mindanao. When Typhoon Yolanda hit in 2013, LBC Foundation not only amped its relief operations for the affected areas to cope with the overwhelming needs, but also extended aid through rehabilitation and livelihood programs. The foundation focused its effort on rebuilding homes and donating boats to the fishermen who had lost theirs to the storm. 

For community development, the brand has partnered with Gawad Kalinga to create homes in provinces that were devastated by typhoons, specifically in Capiz, Compostela Valley and Naga City. 

There is a lot to be said for the importance of passion in CSR, and this is embodied in the phenomenal work of the Foundation, and shown through the words of Gawad Kalinga advocate Boy Montelibano, who states that “they [LBC] are not building just with their money, but with their hearts.” As of 2015, the company has committed a total of 170 houses, with over 160 already completed. 

For youth development, they continue to focus on creating programs that assist kids to overcome post-Yolanda PTSD by developing self-empowerment, building leadership skills and promoting active and healthy lifestyles within a safe environment. Together with organizations, Futbol sa Kalye (or Futkal) and Mifalot, a program using football as a tool to access the youth affected by the devastating effects of the typhoon. The program was designed to assist up to 400 children in overcoming PTSD and restore normalcy through play while building self-esteem, leadership skills, and teamwork while promoting an active and healthy lifestyle in a fun and safe environment. 

In addition to education, youth and community building, the LBC Foundation began the country’s most prestigious cycling competition as a way to give back with Ronda Pilipinas. In the same vein, Bikes for the Philippines was an innovative way to arrest the high drop-out rate in public schools by providing students with bicycles, and the One World Play Project, which hopes to anchor the idea of giving back and positive change in underserved communities through sports. 

While these may already seem like numerous activities assisting in various areas of need, the initiatives do not end here, however. Because to the folks at LBC, the question is not why they have to help but “what else can they do?” 

Another employee volunteer, Melanie Bula explains-- “Volunteer work reduces stress, it makes us healthier and it promotes personal growth. Personally, just the fulfillment I feel when I see those happy faces, it’s enough to get me to tell others to join and get into volunteerism.” Anchored on the values of Aming Ligaya—The Joy of Moving—LBC continues to find ways to spur change and make a difference by making sure that the company’s core competency creates a real impact. 

“Employees, like me, love knowing that I work for an organization that we can be proud of. A company that can build a sense of community through humanitarian work, that can bring people together-- and that’s what LBC Foundation can do,” adds Jose Medina, an employee volunteer. 

“Beyond just the consistent growth of the business, LBC’s efforts are focused on establishing a role in community resilience and nation building through the Foundation’s efforts. It gives us a chance to engage our employees to contribute and give them roles to be a lasting force for change in this country. And on a more practical, business-sense, we create a huge impact on the very people who have allowed our business to grow through the years,” ends Wuthrich.

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